BELIEF IN GOD in an age of science

Immanuel's Wednesday Night Adult Teaching begins at 6pm.  Deacon and professor of Geology and oceanography at Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) facilitates "BELIEF in GOD in an AGE of SCIENCE". The program is based on an interdisciplinary course, "Issues in Science and Religion" that Bryan developed and taught at NWFSC for many years. The course runs from January 8 - February 12, is free and open to the public. Come for multiple sessions or just one!

BELIEF in GOD in an AGE of SCIENCE will survey historic and contemporary issues in the relation between science and religion -- especially Christianity -- exploring a sacramental understanding of God's work in Creation. 

Topics include: 

- The Nature of Science, The Nature of Religion -- Comparison and Critique

- Challenges of Natural Sciences: Cosmology, Earth History, Evolution and Extinction, Neuroscience, Trans-humanism

- Emerging Concerns: Fine-tuning in the Universe, Earth Systems and Global Change, Evolution and Emergence, the Meaning of Embodied Humanity

- The Idea of the Holy: The Logic of Faith

- Divine Action - How do we understand God's work as Creator in an age of science? 

- Overview of Interpretation of Biblical Creation passages. 

BElief in god in an age of science

Weekly lessons available here or at Immanuel Wednesday Nights through February 12, 2020. 

Facilitated by Professor and Deacon Jon Bryan.