2020 Elders

The spiritual life and health of the congregation is enhanced and guided by Immanuel's Rector and six Elders. Three Elders are selected by the Rector each year to serve for a period of two years.

Top Photo, left to right:

Tim Malambri, Diane Lauterbach & Ryan Hayles

Bottom photo, left to right:

Cheryl Wright, Steve Apperson & Jeff Cresse

David Simpson (not pictured)

The 2020 vestry team

The business and property of Immanuel is managed and controlled by the Rector and a Vestry, consisting of six members, approved by the Rector, who are elected, two each year, to serve for a period of three years.

Top Photo:

Sr Warden / Karen Waterfield (right)

Jr Warden / Nicole Atwell (left)

Bottom photo, left to right:

Maria Jenson, Jon Bryan & Eddie Grant