Caleb grew up in Kansas, part of a multi-generational farming family. He is passionate about preaching and teaching the Scriptures and engaging culture with the Gospel. He and his wife Anna enjoy reading and playing with their two children.


    Associate Priest

    Ethan grew up, for the most part, in Indianapolis, Indiana. His vocational passion is the integration of being a pastor and theologian for the church. Ethan loves to read, drink good coffee and tea, and participate in engaging conversations about the important things of life. He and his wife, Lindsay, enjoy all things outdoors, and if they aren't at home cooking together and playing with their daughter, you will find them all at the beach or the local bouldering gym.


    Noah's Ark Preschool Director

    Charlene has been with Noah's Ark Preschool since it's inception in 1997. Her walk with the Lord began when she was 13 years old. Noah's Ark's vision is to be a place where children learn both social and academic skills in the midst of a community where the love of Jesus Christ is taught and lived.


    Parish Sexton

    Al worked in the environmental field for 14 years then was a charter boat captain for 23 years. He now keeps the church's physical facilities running smoothly. Al enjoys fishing, cooking and reading a good book, especially if his feet are up at the end of the day.


    Administrative Assistant

    Growing up with a Chinese-professor father gave Allison a passion for people of all cultures and a love for traveling. She helps keep the parts to the Immanuel office wheel moving forward by assisting Father Caleb, connecting people, creating bulletins and more.



    Chris blesses us every Sunday with his incredible talents and creativity. From playing piano and organ to the drums and guitar, Chris shares the gifts God gave him most graciously. Along with teaching music, Chris enjoys family, more music and his son and great love, little Eli (second only to Jesus).

The 2018 Vestry Team

The business and property of Immanuel is managed and controlled by the Rector and a Vestry, consisting of six members, approved by the Rector, who are elected, two each year, to serve for a period of three years.

Top Photo:

Sr Warden / Jeff Cresse (right) 

Jr Warden / Scott Murphy (left) 

Bottom photo, left to right:

Tim Malambri

Ken Fraser

Robby Lindsey

Karen Waterfield


The spiritual life and health of the congregation is enhanced and guided by Immanuel's Rector and six Elders. Three Elders are selected by the Rector each year to serve for a period of two years.

  • left to right: 

    Anne Fraser

    Ray Turczynski

    Kathleen Cresse

    Top Photo, left to right:

    Cheryl Wright, Jeff Cresse & Joe Parks

  • left to right: 

    Doug Bowers

    Cliff Atwell

    Danny Hayles

    Bottom photo, left to right:

    Dale Allen, Eddie Grant & Sally Simpson